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The new Xbox360 Custom systems is made of a new stronger and more durable plastic blend. It is more dense and doesn't have any issues with breakage during shipping. The new case is designed to be compatible with the new HDMI generation of consoles as well as the original case style.

 For the custom lighting systems has backwards compatible plugs to fit both the new and old style consoles so that nobody is left out when it comes to customizing without the hassle of having to order a generation specific case mod product. This is truly a universal solution for all Xbox360 fans. The latest version comes with Smart LED Storm kit.


Package Includes:

- Full Plated custom & Flashed system

- LEDs depending on type of custom system selected

- dvd cover

HDMI Compatible:YES (for most)

SHIPPING 1 Week $FREE, may take 5 days to ship after receiving payment

90 day warranty, PLEASE go to your Cart for our return policies

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If requested system not available name a second request.

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